Cryptopunk 9421



Las Vegas The Pirate Punk 9421 Billboard near Stadium. Las Vegas The Pirate Punk 9421 Billboard.
Las Vegas billboards near Raiders Stadium and Town Square.

The Basics

What are cryptopunks? Larva Labs describes it best.
Who is Punk #9421? All marketplace information is here.

The Vision

Who are notable cryptopunk owners? What's next? Visa [corporation], Jay-Z , Serena Williams, & Gary Vee [individuals that are essentially organizations], all currently own punks. Other high-reputation NFTs besides punks also have notable buyers behind them. Sports teams, major brands, and anyone with fans are the next to buy in.
Non-Fungibility is a huge feature for brands. If Jay-Z owns one gold bar (a fungible asset), it carries the same value as a gold bar that we own. A punk (a non-fungible asset), however, gains value from the holder's unique influence and reach - Jay-Z's cryptopunk will be worth more simply because he once owned it. A brand-owner's punk gains a one-of-a-kind value imparted by the owner; therefore, their cryptopunks (or other high-reputation NFT) become unique stores of value that correlate with their own influence as a brand.
Major brands using NFTs to build and activate community. It's a new way to reach fans and create experiences while building value. Using a portion of their marketing spend, brands acquire an appreciating asset (a high-reputation NFT), and their fans will evangelize and market the brand for them (especially so if they own pieces of the fractionalized NFT or a derivative).